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European Law in Slovakia

The publication of the Center for Legal Analyses-Kalligram Foundation, "European Law in Slovakia" offers deeper analysis of the legal aspects of the awaited integration of Slovakia to the European Union, it`s impact on the content and form of the legal sources in Slovakia, on the creation and application of law, on the position of the Slovak constitutional organs as well as on the performance of the legal professionals.

The publication was borned as the outcome of the wide collective of authors. The ambition of the publication is to provide judges, advocates, commercial lawyers, academics, politicians, state officers as well as businessmen and other involved professionals with the frame of the basic problems of the application of the European law in Slovakia. We hope, that it will provide useful source of information to the on-going debate about the position of Slovakia in the new Europe.


I. part – European Union and European Law

The European Union and the European Communities (Daniela Nováčková)

System of Institutions of the European Union and Sources of European Law (Peter Colotka)

II. part – From the Association to the Accession of the Slovak Republic into the European Union

From the Association to the Accession of the Slovak Republic into the European Union (Vlasta Kunová)

Membership of the Slovak Republic in the European Union (European Communities) (Adrián Tokár)

National Council of the Slovak Republic in the Process of Integration (Eva Kičinová)

Status of some Constitutional Bodies in the Process of the Accession into the European Union (Martin BuzingerMargaréta Lukačovičová)

General Legal Principles of the Law of the European Communities/European Union (Adrián Tokár)

Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the European Area (Andrea Butašová - Daniel Šváby)

III. part – The Application of the European Law in Slovakia

Application of the European Law in Slovakia (Juraj Čorba - Ján Klučka - Radoslav Procházka - Veronika Vávrová)

IV. part - The Common (Internal) Market and Monetary Union

Free Movement of Persons (Robert Schronk)

Free Movements of Goods (Andrej Králik)

Freedom to Provide Services (Daniel Futej - Andrej Králik)

Free Movement of Capital (Daniela Nováčková)

Competition Policy and the State Aid (Lukáš Lapšanský)

Monetary Union (Daniel Futej)

V. part - Private Law

European International Private Law (Mária Patakyová)

Civil Law Consumer Protection (Mária Patakyová)

Labour Law (Robert Schronk)

Commercial Law (Mária Patakyová)

Copyright Law and the Law of Industrial Property (A Framework draft) (Andrea Moravčíková)

VI. part - Common Foreign and Security Policy

Common Foreign and Security Policy (An Outline) (Vladimír Bilčík)

VII. part - Justice and Home Affairs

Justice and Home Affairs (Anna Roháčová)

The project was supported by Open Society Fund, Bratislava, Foreign Commonwealth Office - British Embassy, Bratislava, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bratislava.

The Center for Legal Analyses is grateful for the support of the Ford Foundation